Ref: Invitation to the January 5th – 11th 2009 Youth Conference at Mengo SS

Peace, blessings & greetings from ARCH.

Lacking proper parenting, guidance & counsel through their intellectual, spiritual, economic, relationships, health & other problems, concerns & challenges, many youths give up in life, some turn hooligan, alcohol, drugs & pornography addicts; criminals, prostitutes, gay & lesbian, & to reckless sex sprees ruining many of the would-be powerful success stories.

Many & entire families limp, live frustrated, broken-hearted, with pain, fear & vain hopes; hence many turn to cults & the occult just to make things work.
Worse still, many youths abandon God when hurt in religious entities. Life is full of obstacles, as how log in to Geico

Hence, ARCH invites you to her 5th non-residential annual youth conference, due January 5th – 11th 2009, at Mengo SS, an opportunity you mustn’t miss.

As we look forward to your participation, we wish you a Merry 2008 Christmas and a prosperous 2009.
Yours sincerely,
 Moses Solomon Male
Evangelist / Executive Director
Arising For Christ (ARCH)
Office: Rm 309 Span House next Worker H’se

Venue: Mengo Senior School, Bukesa, 1½ Km on Kampala – Hoima Rd
Time: 08.30 - 04.30 p.m. everyday.
Conference theme:
Youth through crossroads  
To mould purposeful, focussed & morally sound youths, equipped to successfully confront real-life problems & challenges; with discernment of cults, to maximally exploit potentials & be of use to selves, own families, mankind, nation, & to God.
Scope of tentative topics to cover:
1.                   Self-exploration
2.                   Vision in action
3.                   Understanding your call
4.                   Effective goal setting
5.                   Pursuing your mission in life
6.                   An insight into cults & the occult.
7.                   Spirituality and the law
8.                   Manipulation & mind-control
9.                   Starting all over again
10.                The value of integrity
11.                Confronting the HIV challenge
 Token contribution: U Shs 5,000 each participant, to meals & materials.

Are you afraid, in pain, confused, troubled or broken hearted? Are you at crossroads? Do you feel betrayed or disappointed by people you trusted? Is it your studies or career?
This could be your lifetime opportunity to be inspired, parented, guided & transformed you can’t miss.
 Parent / guardian, send your children.
Registration in progress at ARCH office, or call, or send SMS, or e-mail.
0772-479386 or 0772508275.

P O Box 11902, Kampala, Uganda.

Tel 256-772-479386



January 5th – 11th 2009 ARCH youth conference
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Any relatives, friends or other people you wish to come with? If yes, list them & their contacts below. You can bring as many as you can:

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 (You may list others behind this form)
I prayerfully prepare my heart for this conference so that I gain the most out of it, and I will attend with no other motive but to be inspired, parented, guided and equipped to confront every challenge, and be successful in life.

Signature: __________________________




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Open Letter to Pr Joseph Serwadda, Victory Church Ndeeba

20th November 2006

Pr Dr Serwadda Joseph,
Senior Pastor,
Victory Church Ndeeba.

Dear Doctor Serwadda,


Praise God.

With all due respect and sincerity, I wish to extend warm greetings to you from Arising For Christ and thank God for what you are doing to ‘foster the truth,’ that people may be free.

I most especially wish to heartily thank you for your decision to intellectually analyze live on Impact Fm on 18th and 19th September 2006, the Daily Monitor editorial published on September 16th 2006 of our petition to H E the President of Uganda, which has given me opportunity to make this response. Remember, for over two months now, I have been patiently waiting for you to put the record right in vain.

My brother, permit me to clear the air on some of the issues you raised during the shows, to help all Christians and the entire public make own rational judgments on all. Since I am neither a saint, an angel, intellectual, or a trained theologian like you, I am ready to be advised, corrected or rebuked should I error in course for the sake of the entire Body of Christ.

Hence my response as follows:

1. You claimed, ‘Male is neither a pastor, theologically trained nor ordained. He started with Makumbi, then as he neared becoming a pastor with Kakande, he quit for Church of Uganda.’

It is a surprise that you now talk of theological training and ordination when God and the public demand for accountability. Tell me brother, since when has the Born Again Movement replaced ministry calling with theological training and ordination? Do you remember that years ago at the onset of the movement on the scene, many people left traditional churches in protest of theologians who had replaced Biblical truth with ‘The church position’ and ‘tradition’ and started new churches? Did they have any formal theological training? Haven’t many trained on the job and are now ministering?

Are there no pastors in the movement today without theological and Biblical training who just base their teaching on crammed scripture and ‘inspiration?’

Are you more theologically trained than Professor Barbara Therring who teaches that Jesus the man married Mary Magdalene, divorced her and married other women and had children, and he was never killed on the cross but died South of France when full of age? Is that not wrong theology?

Don’t you know that studying theology doesn’t automatically mean studying the truth?

By the way, does the Bible require that to expose truth, one has to have theological training, qualification and ordination? If it does, can you scripturally prove it?

Don’t we have shameless ordained theologians and pastors rooted deep in hypocrisy and deceit? Besides, aren’t there trained theologians but with wrong teachings and doctrines that have now infiltrated the Born Again movement?

Doctor, am surprised that to you, ordination is done by man, the very reason you ask who ordained me! No wonder that many of the ordained today serve the interests of those that ordained them and the flesh. Read Acts 20.28, John 15.16, Acts 9, Isaiah 61 and Luke 4.18 and tell me what all mean to you.

Let me re-iterate my position: no man ordained me to do what I do. God himself did and I must continue to obey his instructions as I serve him to bring sanity and sanctity back into the Body of Christ. Besides, I compel none to believe in what I do or even recognize me, after-all, what you call me does not alter what I am. The grace, honor and favor that God has given me to serve him are enough.

2. You claimed, ‘Male has no church.’ To you, this disqualifies me from speaking for ‘the church.’

Doctor, how I wish you could clarify what church is in its true Biblical context! Does it mean an established institution? Does it mean a building or chain of buildings? Isn’t church constituted by people who submit to God through Christ Jesus and led by the Holy Spirit?

If church means the former, then I have none, but if it means the latter as evidenced in John 14.23, Acts 7.48-49 and 1 Cor 3.16-17, then I have one, and it is my own body. Furthermore, I am a servant in that part of the wider body of Christ that is disgusted with hypocrisy and all other evils going on in church buildings and institutions, and part of the men and women struggling selflessly to cause a transformation of the entire Christian body.

I feel, unless you can prove me wrong, that I am more than qualified to speak as a concerned member of the entire Body of Christ about all evils causing many people to stumble away from God.

By the way, since you seem to be one of the ‘most qualified, vocal and wisest’ theologians this country has been ‘blessed’ with, I wish you can honestly tell us where and when Christ Jesus ever constructed any building called ‘church.’ If you do, then I will have no alternative but to submit to your leadership. I also wish you can tell me which institution Christ Jesus ever founded and named it his church!

Furthermore, since you claim ‘Male has no church,’ I wish you can educate me about who the true owner of the church is and whether church is personal property or business.

From your tough rhetoric, it seems a foregone conclusion that ‘church’ today no longer belongs to God through Christ who sacrificially atoned for us, but a matter of personal property and therefore, people of God are no longer God’s people, but men’s people. Hence, the people in ‘your church’ are yours! Is that not business and promotion of idolatry, clearly forbidden in the Biblical first and second commandments?

No wonder, we now have ‘Born Again’ pastors fighting and competing against each other for followers. We also have Christians who fear human pastors more than they revere God, who can do all sorts of evil where their ‘pastors’ are not, and do all sorts of obeisance and pretence before so called ‘Generals of God!’ Is that not tragic?

3. You claimed, ‘There are no Born Again in Church of Uganda.’

Well, if you were the one determining who Born Again are, you could be very right to claim so, but since you don’t have that authority, I suggest you re-investigate it so that you don’t utter false statements.

Doctor, let me educate you a bit by referring you to the history of the Born Again movement in Uganda which started way back in the 1930s and named the East African Revival, commonly known as ‘Tukutendereza.’ I hope the same has meaning to your life. This movement never started in ‘your’ Victory Church Ndeeba for all evidence is clear; it started within the Church of Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Boga Zaire. All the first converts belonged therein and did so due to deep conviction, they needed Christ Jesus as personal Savior and Lord.

Their focus was eternity in heaven and believers were encouraged to honestly strive for a living. Character formation was so much cherished in the same unlike today where the same is hardly thought about.

It is true that early converts faced lots of persecutions from church of Uganda non-born again leadership and elders who had turned the same into den of thieves, drunkards, men and women snatchers, shrine owners and goers, pillagers and at best, a mere meeting place for people whose hearts were far from God.

Men like the late Nathan Mukasa and others were expelled from Bishop Tucker Theological Seminary Mukono, and surprisingly, like in the early church, wherever they went, they extended the revival there. Hence revival extended to Rwanda, Burundi, Congo, Kenya and other countries.

Mark you, none has a record of shrewdly robbing, conning, sexually exploiting or deceiving unsuspecting converts like many of the ‘Born Again pastors’ you are defending have done and continue to do today.

Hence, by the 1970s, an exodus for converts out of the institutional confines to practice their faith freely had started. This was temporarily halted by President Idi Amin’s decree banning all religious communities except the Catholics, Church of Uganda, Orthodox and Muslims, sparked by Prophet John Obiri Yeboah’s sneaking out Uganda after failing to raise the dead bodies he had pledged to miraculously raise.
When Amin was overthrown, more people left Church of Uganda and other denominations to start independent churches not subject to liturgy, traditions, faith pretense and massive bureaucracies typical of the Anglican Church establishment, based on sound teaching of the Word of God.

However, this didn’t stop the movement’s growth within the Church of Uganda. The presence of people like Archbishop Luke Orombi, Dr Zack Niringiye, Dr Edward Muhima, Bishop Eliya Paul Ruzinda Mama Janet Kataha Museveni, Canon Gideon Byamugisha, Canon Kigozi, Joseph Kisubika and Njagala, to mention just a few clearly spells this fact, unless you are going to prove the contrary.

You ought to understand that were all the Born Again in Church of Uganda to quit, you don’t have the capacity to accommodate them.

Besides, admit that a great proportion of the Christians that have joined ‘born again’ movement outside the Church of Uganda have done so after accepting Christ Jesus as Savior and Lord, a clear indication, there are many Born Again within Church of Uganda who do the work of an evangelist, fulfilling their calls to the mandatory Christian service: proclaiming the truth.

Actually, what you and some of your cohorts have done is to confuse and mislead unsuspecting Born Again and non converts that everyone attending ‘Born Again’ churches is actually born again.

Tell me, you openly called on all the Born Again in Church of Uganda to quit and join NFBAPC movement, do you want to convince us that you are ignorant of the many people who got saved while in Church of Uganda, joined the movement you advocate for and ended up very disappointed and fallen from Christ Jesus because of their horrible experiences in there!

Doctor, don’t you feel ashamed of covering up evil and telling naked lies! Don’t you feel any remorse for your actions!

4. You said, ‘Arising For Christ is not a church, but a mere ministry.’

Doctor, sometimes I wonder how such an intelligent and ‘spiritually led’ person of your caliber and cadre can fail to read behind the lines and understand things in their true perspective. You ought to know that what matters is not whether ARCH is a church or ministry, what matters now is whether or not what we are propagating is the gospel truth for people to know and be free and free indeed.

How do you deliberately pretend to be ignorant of what we do?

It seems had you physically been with Christ Jesus’ disciples, you would have struggled for recognition above others since all times you want to speak and be heard even when what you say has no relevance to the situation or is total nonsense.

By the way, do you know that God has always used ministries to propagate the truth? Think about the Church Missionary Society which brought gospel truth to Uganda and through whose hands martyrs were born? Have you forgotten the Tukutendereza, Billy Graham Evangelistic Ministries, African Evangelistic Ministries, Martin Luther and his team among many others? Can you dare to underestimate the impact of ministries on human life?

You ought to know that while many church denominations and institutions today are dominated by men and women intent on burdening the flock with what they themselves can’t do, most ministries are dominated by men and women with the desire to serve and set others free, and whose prime concern is the plight of others.

Besides, it is important to understand that when it comes to ministry, Christ Jesus is foremost.

You should also know that as any church can start a ministry, so can a ministry start a church. Therefore, what matters is not what starts first, but that all is on the foundation Christ Jesus himself laid.

You are free to prove me wrong and I will accept.

5. You claim ‘Born Again problems originate from the fact that they are led by people with ministries, not pastors with churches.’

Doctor, I wonder where you get the guts to make such an empty claim. I suggest you revise your notes carefully.

For many years, you have been in leadership of the Born Again. As an influential senior pastor and Secretary of the National Fellowship of Born Again Pentecostal Churches (NFBAPC), I believe you had all opportunity to steer the entire Born Again to sanity and sanctity. But what did you do! It is a fact that together with Kayiwa Simeon (NCF), you succeeded in turning the NFBAPC into a sanctuary for thieves, psychological and scriptural manipulators, women and men snatchers and marriage breakers, liars, occultists, sodomites and hypocrites.

You have brooded pillagers for the poor and rich who come burdened and are told to pay for everything, from deliverance to prosperity and heaven, no different from the Dark Ages Catholic Church priesthood.

My brother, you now blame Alex Mitala for the current exposure of pastors’ evils: why do you easily forget that poor Mitala has ended up soiled and soaked because of what you and others shrewdly did and he needs more than courage to streamline the NFBAPC?

By the way, who chose Mitala? Can you exclude yourself even though at some stage, you clashed and quit, disgruntled by failure to get the NFBAPC chairmanship when you wanted it most, coupled with the Pr Kiganda led initiative, Operation Clean the House which you hated and fought right from its inception?

6. Your claim: ‘The world is so unsettled by Born Again.’

Doctor, I think you have got it all wrong. You well know how people have always looked upon Born Again with hope. H.E. Yoweri K Museveni has always desired to employ only Born Again, hoping they would be honest and accountable. To the surprise of non-believers, many Balokole have exhibited behaviors and practices incompatible with their professions of faith!

We must accept the bitter truth that given opportunity and choices, many Born Again Executives would not dare employ or go into business relationships with Born Again because of their bitter experiences with some! Is that not tragic for people supposed to be the salt and light of the world!

7. Your view: ‘Ministries must be separated from churches since many operate from ‘cubical offices’ which can vanish anytime. A P O Box is no address at all. How can a renting person be a pastor?’

Dr Serwadda, you really brag (okudaala ssebo). How quickly you forget that about 1988 -89 when you had just separated from apostle Balabyekkubo, preceded by a physical fight with him over mere Public address equipment, you were a no body and rented Sherman Theatre on William Street now housing Trumpet Centre, and squatted in an office just opposite present day Cooper Complex. Since then, it has taken you 18 years to be where you are now, excluding the years you were in obscurity!

Has your journey been easy all through? Haven’t you ever walked on foot or slept in a house without a bathroom, Jacuzzi from Dubai and other niceties inside, or even money to buy bread as junior would demand? Haven’t you ever eaten poor meals and dressed in second hand clothes, oh Doctor Serwadda?

Haven’t you ever disappointed the whites who gave you money to buy church land which ended in your personal names? Do you ever feel remorse for heart-breaking them? Have you ever put things right?

8. You claimed that it is ministries that are causing shame to the Born Again Movement.

I will agree if you can just show me 20 Christian ministries that have caused broken-heartedness to unsuspecting Ugandans and I fail to show you 50 churches headed by pastors where-from people have had their lives wrecked and many caused to stumble from the Lord God: you may not be exempted.

Doctor, let us face the truth:

a) Can you prove that you don’t condone serial monogamy and marital breakage?
- Didn’t you solemnize Namutebi Imelda’s wedding with Kula, the man she snatched from poor Safiina, leaving her pregnant and with a child, and totally devastated! What sort of gospel will you ever preach to Safiina and her children, family and friends?
- Weren’t you deeply involved in Stephen Ssozi’s second wedding!
b) Can you prove that you don’t condone sexual immorality?
Aren’t you aware that your spiritual son Pr Patrick Makumbi of Kajjansi Victory Church sexually exploits women even in so called church counseling rooms, and takes some to his residence, the very reason he mistreated, abused and finally got rid of his matrimonial wife with your full knowledge? Tell me, do you enjoy that?
c) Can you exclude yourself from among the pioneers and proponents in Uganda of the greatly exploitatively manipulative prosperity gospel (‘name it, believe it, take it’; commonly referred to as ‘Kitoole’) responsible for financially, psychologically and physically wrecking many people’s lives, in Uganda and beyond and causing many to shun the gospel truth and Salvation altogether?
d) Don’t you know how some Ugandan pastors have shrewdly conned even generous Western donors ignorant of local conmen in the pulpits, and are now targeting unsuspecting Eastern donors zealous of supporting gospel work?
e) Haven’t young men ever approached you with complaints of being sodomized by pastor Kitaka Grace of Liberty Worship Center? What did you ever do to help them? Is Kitaka not a pastor? Aren’t you aware of other pastors involved in sodomy?
f) Didn’t you personally remove the water, cross and other paraphernalia associated with cults from fellow pastor Simeon Kayiwa’s Namirembe Christian Fellowship? If you think they had nothing devilish in them, why did you have to remove them against Kayiwa’s wish?
g) Aren’t you aware of pastors sexually taking advantage of their flock? Don’t you know Pastor Okumu of Kansanga Miracle Center and his sexual orgies?
h) Can you deny the fact that you are key in covering up pastors’ evils? Didn’t you label Rochelle M Gibbler Catholic inspite of her many years of spiritual involvement with pr Simeon Kayiwa (NCF) and Joshua Lwere (Grace Assembly), whose ‘Jesus’ couldn’t transform her life for God?
i) I remember how, on May 19th 2006, together with pastors David Mwesigwa, Helen Wamala, Edward W Ssozi, James Kato, Kayizzi Denis and Kigozi Stephen, you came to Arising For Christ office wherein you personally admitted, evils committed by pastors in Born Again Churches were rampant and alarming, after your initial attempt to intimidate me into silence failed. Even your subsequent plea that we get everything out of the press failed as you couldn’t get evil doers out of the press and finally agreed, we continue with our campaign as God had commissioned us. When you now claim, ‘It is ministries wherein abominations are committed, not in churches,’ it baffles my understanding.

Tell me Doctor, whether I would be in error if I labeled you confused or a hypocrite and without discernment, who even easily forgets that many of the evils committed by some pastors are open and obvious, seen by even non believers! Just tell me how you would qualify pastors like Patrick Makumbi, Godfrey Lule, Kakande Samuel, Kayiwa Simeon, Stephen Ssozi, Namutebi Imelda, Kitaka Grace, Sembera, Muwanguzi of Namulanda, Semambo the forger, Muwanguzi who married a minor, Augustine Iga of Kawaala, those conning people over Western visa and prosperity anointing, beside the unashamed new year prophetic pillagers and liars of Namboole stadium and other gatherings. Haven’t them churches?

My brother, it is a high time you realized that the more you and others have fervently struggled to cover up pastors’ evils, the more God has exposed others. It is time you realized, this is not a satanic attack on the Body of Christ, but God’s working to expose the evils hitherto hidden in pulpits, and as Christ Jesus said, everything done in darkness will be brought to light. It is necessary and you must not under-estimate his resolve and capacity to do so.

9. Your appeal; ‘Let Government order the merger of all the Born Again to create a national council of Born Again ….’

Doctor, I am astonished by your proposal of a forceful dismantling of unions like EFU, PAG, NFBAPC and others and a merger by government decree that must make the Born Again another religion with structures and an archbishop. What a U-turn!

Years ago, you were foremost in castigating religions and priestly titles. What has made you change mind? Suppose your proposal came to pass and the Born Again had an archbishop, what would be the difference between it and the Roman Catholic Church which you have always abused?

Why the call at such a time when we are calling for accountability? Aren’t you shrewdly scheming to divert attention from the need for a probe which is more than a necessity that can lead to exposure of more evils and paving way for freedom of many bound therein?

By the way, do you think it is feasible to unite without first dealing with the evils? So you want all the evil ones to be covered therein in the very manner you tried to do in the aftermath of the Kanungu tragedy when you formed the NFBAPC? Who will change who?

And have you ever bothered to find out why churches split up and new ones continue mushrooming? Is it possible for you to go back now under the Bishop Musisi led Prayer Palace from where you began? If you can’t, do you expect any prudent government led by sane people to force genuinely Godly entities to merge with satanic spiritual entities? Is it feasible?

You referred to the President Amin decree that united Muslims in Uganda: don’t you see any difference between the dictatorship and the post-dictatorship era ushered in under the President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni leadership?

Secondly, don’t you know that whereas Muslims disagreed over minor issues, as Christian we disagree over fundamental matters of faith and its practice? Can a true believer unite with sodomites, witches and conmen and women calling themselves Born Again?

Doctor, I could be myopic; probably tell me how uniting all the Born Again will clean up the movement. Wouldn’t it cover evil up like has been happening in the Catholic Church in America where its pastors have been sodomizing young boys?
There is no way, those desirous of walking in the light and openness can be forced to unite with those preferring darkness and cover-ups. Remember, many quit their mother churches because of evils and cover-ups therein. By the way, don’t you think that probably, though all claim to be Born Again, we differ?

Doctor, I guess your response was a reactionary and shrewd move intended to detract the President of Uganda and the entire populace from the petition we made to him calling for an open judicial probe into the evils in the Body of Christ. Therefore, it must not be allowed to succeed.

10. Your assertion: ‘People without established churches have no right to speak about established churches.’

This is very unfortunate Doctor, especially when it comes from a person of your stature and caliber, who has all along, even when without a permanent church structure, been vocal and ferociously attacked other religions like Muslims, Roman Catholics, Anglicans, Orthodox, Latter Day Saints and Seventh Day Adventists church which are undoubtedly more established, yet from your own convictions, all wrong!

Like a fool let me ask: by what authority do you attack them? Consider these figures: Catholics number about one billion; Muslims are close to 1.3 billion, Hindus number 900 million, Buddhists number nearly 400 million, Anglicans number 70 million and so on, worldwide; yet you consider all wrong. I wonder if all churches under your very direction can match their membership so that you dare attack them ferociously!

I hope your failure to win the Rubaga South constituency, an area wherein your church is located in the 1996 elections can help you understand this fact.

By the way, do numbers mean truth? Didn’t Jesus Christ say that the way to heaven is narrow and those who see it are few and those who take it toil through; while the way to hell is wide and those who see it are many, and those who go take it do so with ease?

When it comes to physical infrastructure and wealth, I hope you realize how a dwarf you are against all.

Doctor, if wealth and other establishments were to mean Godliness, Christ Jesus wouldn’t have said; it is easier for a camel to pass through a needle eye than it is for a rich man to go to heaven. Besides, the wealthy of this world wouldn’t feel emptiness and fervent yearning for God! It is therefore a pity that a person of your caliber can’t understand the same!

Therefore, I humbly suggest that you revisit your theology and faith lest you get lost; for your quest for mammon seems far greater than your quest for God.

Let me re-iterate my stand: if you disregard me for having ‘no church,’ it doesn’t really matter. The truth remains that I have an inalienable right to speak about all the evils committed in ‘established churches’ boasting of huge congregations, yours inclusive.

By the way Doctor, advise me if I am in error: I have heard and read about you addressing political issues; are you now a politician and with a political party? Which is that party? If you don’t have an own political party, by what authority do you criticize some? Would anyone be right to silence you simply because you don’t own a party, denying you your inalienable right?

I believe you do so as a Ugandan affected by political decisions whether you get involved or not.

I need to clarify that I am a Christian whose life was atoned for by Christ Jesus’ death on the cross at Calvary. Whatever happens in Christian circles has bearing on my entire family’s spiritual life. Therefore, it would be totally irresponsible for me to keep quiet as things go wrong even when Christ hadn’t called me to serve him. But with the divine calling I have and for which I am greatly grateful to God, I feel even more compelled to do what I do to counter evils committed in the name of the Lord in so called ‘established churches’ and ‘empires’ headed by ‘established pastors’ without fear, favor or compromise.

Doctor, if there are people who subscribe to the school of thought that can’t dare ‘touch God’s anointed,’ I am not among them. Believe me if you want that God has called me specially to even touch his anointed and I and my team will continue doing so till when He will call us to rest. Therefore, neither persecutions nor rejections, or intimidating rhetoric like yours, will detour or stop us. Just admit, there is plenty of evil in virtually all churches that need to be addressed.

Suppose you have an open and stinking septic wound that attracts flies to sip the pus, and a fly comes to fulfill its duty, where do you lay blame: against the fly attracted by the pus or against the careless patient who doesn’t mind about dressing the wound?

I think doctor, that any one prudent would mind the wound rather than blame the fly! That being the case, I suggest that instead of blaming and antagonizing us, the transformers and revivalists, you must blame yourself for trying to cover up all the evils in church that are attracting and compelling us to expose them. It is as simple as that!

11. Your claim, ‘Male’s assistant is leader of Fathers’ union in Church of Uganda, Makindye.’

Doctor, how I wish you substantiate?

By the way, what is wrong with church of Uganda? Can you deny the fact that many Born Again Pastors have had their marriages solemnized in Church of Uganda, right from Pr Kayanja Robert, Miracle Center Rubaga; Apostle Mulinde John, Trumpet Center, Pr Simeon Kayiwa, Namirembe Christian Fellowship, Pr Wamala, Christ Our Way Church, and many others?

If my ‘assistant’ belongs to Church of Uganda and he has understood my vision which you, spiritual as you claim to be haven’t, then it means he is more spiritual than you are and there is nothing wrong with that.

By the way, are there no Born Again pastors funded by non-Born Again churches abroad, who never disclose their true sources of funding to their congregations, but claim miracle and blessings!

12. Your claim, ‘Male is a former Muslim who has never had opportunity to be delivered.’

You correctly stated how I got saved in Makumbi’s church and that the nearer I got to knowledge of truth was in Kakande’s cult, Holy Church of Christ, now The Synagogue Church of All Nations. You claimed that from there, I joined Church of Uganda which has remained my base.

My brother doctor, I wish to thank you for such a history. However, I feel there are some obvious facts that you have failed to understand.

Former Singaporean Premier Lee Kwan Yew said, ‘To understand the present and anticipate the future, one must know enough of the past; enough to have a sense of the history of a people.’

That being the case, it would be stupid of me to deny my Islamic roots, cult background and Church of Uganda passage into spiritual maturity and ministry. I am apparently very privileged that from among all the people in Uganda, God has chosen me, among the worst of sinners to challenge all people, including those born of Christian background like you back to sanity and sanctity and cause a transformation.

And like Biblical Moses and Apostle Paul, He had to carry me through such a unique spiritual background to prepare me for the challenging ministry of delivering his people from satanic spiritual entities masquerading true entities of God, taking toll of many people who are ignorant of truth.

Therefore, it is a pity that a leader of your caliber and cadre can make such a statement. You seem to imply that Christ Jesus lacks capacity to transform people like me unless such a person is prayed for by fellow human beings called ‘pastor,’ ‘prophet,’ ‘apostle,’ and others like you for deliverance!

Doctor, you had opportunity to ‘deliver’ me when I came to you in 1993. When you make such a statement, I just wonder why you couldn’t have mercy on poor and desperate me and delivered me if you really cared enough! If you believe I am not delivered yet and you can pray for ‘miracles’ for even non believers and people you don’t know, can you pray that I am delivered now? After-all, Christ Jesus charges us to pray for, not against, even our enemies and since you regard me an enemy and not a brethren doing God’s work, I qualify for your prayers of mercy and love!

That aside, like a fool, let me ask you some few questions:

a) Were you born a Born Again or you became so later in life?

b) You were a Roman Catholic, then an Adventist, then Born Again: in 1986 you were part of John Obiri Yeboah’s fervent disciples who turned his back against him briefly in 1987 when you accused him of witchcraft, then believed him again when he sent you tormenting demons which intimidated you into succumbing to him again. Sometimes when put to task, you label him a false prophet and yet, you regard his disciple and self confessed power heir contender, Kayiwa Simeon as a man of God.

You also seem to have developed a politician’s language of lies and cover-ups, manipulation and mind-control.

Do you know that some of us wonder which way go next? Would it be right to call you a Roman Catholic?

c) If it is people who pray for others’ deliverance; don’t you think you also need someone to pray for your deliverance?

d) If you can really pray and deliver:
- Why don’t you pray for your dear Pr Patrick Makumbi of Kajjansi Victory Church to be delivered from the ‘spirit of adultery, marital breakage and hypocrisy?’ Even if it is his wife in the wrong as some people have been led to believe, what stopped you from being the ‘Good Samaritan’ to her, you being a prayer maestro? How can I be convinced you can pray for my deliverance when the Makumbis to whom you can’t deny spiritual fatherhood are disintegrated?
- Why don’t you pray for Pr Grace Kitaka’s deliverance from the ‘spirit of homosexualism?’
- Why not pray for fellow pastors to be delivered from the spirits of deception, thefts, sexual exploitations and hypocrisies and others that are rampant?
- Why is it that even some of the marriages you have personally solemnized and blessed over the years have broken apart?

e) Do you ever sit back and ponder; you may be tending toward the gospel of self justification using scripture for all the wrongs you do?

f) Years ago, you were a very vocal voice against Catholics for use of crucifixes, water, olive oil, incense, candles and other paraphernalia as satanic and visible indicators of the occult: one wonders what has happened to you that you now embrace use of olive oil and even team up with pastors who discriminatively sell it for ‘blessings,’ the more one pays, the more the ‘blessings’ and you arrogantly and shamelessly claim, it is only born again who understand the value of ‘anointing oil!’ Can you tell me the difference between you and the Catholics you castigate and call a cult?

g) Suppose your marriage was broken and your wife taken by a pastor, or any of your children sodomized, sexually abused or exploited by a pastor, or your parents manipulated into surrendering all their possessions to a pastor; how would you feel and what would you do? What would you do if any of your nucleus family members were manipulated off medical treatment leading to tragedy?

h) Would you have reacted differently had what has been done to many unsuspecting people been done to you by a pastor, prophet, apostle, etc?

i) A few days after the May 19th meeting held at our office, you led a team that ventured to meet and ‘quiz’ Kakande Samuel at his Synagogue church cult facility, Mulago, who stupefied and greatly humiliated you as his video cameras covered you. Surprisingly, vocal as you are, you have never publicly disclosed what transpired then. Nor have you ever revealed the findings of your mission. What compelled you into silence? Did he bribe or spiritually subdue you with his satanic powers like he did Kayiwa in 1993?

j) You have openly told congregants and the entire public via your Impact radio, that people should stop going to churches with ‘wooden chairs that burst boils,’ for the same signify no God therein: tell me, does God feature in only churches with comfortable seats like yours? If magnificence and comfort in places of worship are a measure of God’s presence and working, don’t you think you imply that St Peters Basilica in Rome should be among the top-most hideouts for God? Hasn’t your gospel turned so materialistic and greatly in error, Doctor?

k) What did Christ Jesus mean when He said, “So have no fear of them, for nothing is covered that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be known. What I tell you in the dark, say in the light and what you hear whispered, proclaim on housetops.” Matthew 10.26-27?

l) Don’t you think you urgently need to revisit your faith and get back quickly on Biblical truth?

m) Can you clearly spell the wrongs I and others in my team have committed and advocate for any forum where both parties (you and us) can put our cases for people to decide who of us is in the wrong?

I still have many questions to put to you should you like it and I would not mind a public debate with you so that you prove your worth spiritually.

13. Castigating the press

My brother, I wish you can understand and appreciate the positive role of the press in building and purging the Body of Christ, exposing wrong elements hidden therein.

I wish you can join me to commend the press, both print and electronic media for a job so far well done in exposing the filth hidden in the Body of Christ. They don’t deserve threats from men and women of God like you or even litigation like Pr Kayanja Robert has resorted to; they deserve real understanding and appreciation, they are doing a commendable job to educate and inform people where the church is failing.

Doctor, I feel you need to apologize to the Monitor, New Vision and other media houses for your ferocious attacks on them using your Impact FM, for exposing the evils committed by men and women in the pulpits?


Doctor Pastor Serwadda, it is my humble appeal that you drop all pride and arrogance, carefully ponder the contents of this letter and quickly get on course for God through Christ Jesus. I suggest you:

- Stop covering up evil in the Born Again, and interfering in God’s work of exposing all evil and repent.

- Stop the politicians’ language of lies, hypocrisy, cover-ups, manipulations and mind-controls. If that is your interest, then better openly join politics for that is where you seem to presently suit most.

- Stop using God’s gift to you, Impact Fm to commit acts incompatible with the calling Christians receive?

- Stop misleading God’s people that Satan has risen against the church and tell them the truth, Satan has been operating from within pulpits and it is now God working to cleanse the entire Body of Christ.

- Pray that God gives you the Holy Spirit to discern that what I do is not my work. I am too small to cause and sustain such a shake up or spiritual Tsunami in the Body of Christ.

Doctor, permit me to tell you something about humility:

It was in war time that American President Abraham Lincoln ordered his Army Chief, General Stanton to send troops to the battlefront. Considering the coming winter and dangerous battlefield terrain, Stanton defied the order. When pressed further through an emissary, Stanton said, ‘Lincoln is a fool.’

When Lincoln asked the emissary about the Stanton response and it was given to him in full, he said, ‘If Stanton has said that, probably I am a fool!’ He recognized how experienced Stanton was on the battlefield and that being on the ground; he was bound to make the better analysis and therefore war decisions. Then he charged the emissary to tell him to do as he felt appropriate. This saved the Americans from a would-be greatly humiliating and disastrous defeat.

My brother, suppose you were Lincoln, how would you have responded to Stanton’s refusal to obey your?

To emphasize humility further, inspired by the Holy Spirit, Apostle Paul counsels us:

“For by the grace given to me I say to everyone among you not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think, but to think with sober judgment, each according to the measure of faith that God has assigned …” Romans 12.3

As Christians, we (you undoubtedly included) ought to ponder this counsel, take him seriously enough, and stop all unnecessary arrogance.

Doctor, I hope you still remember the old adage, ‘Pride cometh before a fall.’ Many have fallen before you; I don’t think you are spiritually, economically, socially, politically and intellectually invincible, no matter how much you may think highly of yourself and compel people to revere you more than they do God, or how great your name may be the world over! Biblical Nebuchadnezzar’s story should be lesson enough?

Please understand; we always need people who can rebuke and instill sense into us whenever we go wrong. Having people to always praise and respect us, lifting us higher than we ought to be is tragic. It has caused many once great men and women to think of themselves more highly than they should and led to their tragic ends. Always mark this doctor.

And please correct, rebuke or challenge me in case I have erred in my response for the sake of the entire Body of Christ. And please, don’t hate me for bringing out this truth, after all, the Baganda say, ‘It is the loving fly that can come to suck pus out of your wound.’

My brother, remember; ‘It is better for a man to hear the rebuke of the wise than to hear the song of fools,’ (Eccl. 7.5 ESV). Therefore, take heed.

May God’s grace, mercies and love abide and abound with you.

Yours sincerely in Christ Jesus,

Moses Solomon Male
Evangelist / Executive Director, ARCH

cc. All Christian leaders
cc. Minister of State, Ethics and Integrity
cc. The Press

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God sues HIV Ex member

On Monday 18th August 2008, at 11.00 am history started when before HER WORSHIP MRS NKORE, CHIEF MAGISTRATE MENGO (near Bulange), hearing began of a case of defamation and libel filed against Frances Adroa (an HIV patient conned of her car by UCKG pastors). Kaggwa & Co Advocates, NIC Building Annex, Plot 3 Pilkington Rd, Mob 0772502391 represent the defendants whose plea is TRUTH AND JUSTIFICATION.

To read story: click



Universal Church of the Kingdom of God sues HIV Ex member

Universal Church of the kingdom of God in Uganda has sued Frances Adroa (whom they conned of her car with false promises of HIV healing) and Pastor Moses Solomon Male - Executive Director of Arising for Christ for defamation becasue of exposing them.

Click to read full story


On Monday 18th August 2008, at 11.00 am history is being made when before HER WORSHIP MRS NKORE, CHIEF MAGISTRATE MENGO (near Bulange), hearing begins of a case of defamation and libel filed against me (Moses Solomon Male) and Frances Adroa by the Universal Church for the Kingdom of God. Kaggwa & Co Advocates, NIC Building Annex, Plot 3 Pilkington Rd, Mob 0772502391 represent us. 


This comes in the wake of our having recovered car no 676 UCQ belonging to Frances Adroa, an HIV patient, which in the state it was in can best be described as a DILAPIDATED PIECE OF IRON MONGERY, the plaintiff having crushed and refused to repair it, and even failed to furnish us (defendants) with details of the crash and case they had allegedly opened. 


As you may recall, Frances Adroa, in her despair, having tested HIV +ve on June 8 2005, turned to the UCKG leadership who deceived her during the UCKG annual Mount Sinai Campaign, that if she sacrificed her car REG NO. 676 UCQ, a HYUNDAI ACCENT, and made a written prayer request which would be taken to Mount Sinai, she would be healed of HIV / AIDS. She sacrificed her car but was never healed. When she went back to UCKG to claim back her car on Oct 2nd and 6th 2006, Bishop Gilson Costa and Pastor Gerald Nkayi refused to give it back unless she paid them U Shs 2,005,000. Her attempts to use the Police to recover it also failed. 


When she heard me on Radio One Spectrum on March 16th 2007, she soon contacted me for help. My intervention led to discovery that Pr Gerald Nkayi had on 9th Nov 2006 lied on oath, just to have the car transferred to UCKG, that Frances had disappeared in 2005, just after ‘donating’ her car and UCKG had till my intervention, been trying to transfer it into their names. 


They finally returned it on April 25th 2007 amid great TV, radio and newspaper press coverage. Daily Monitor carried the story on April 26th 2007 under heading, Woman accuses church of extortion. After threats of intention to sue and our response of readiness to defend ourselves, they sued for defamation. We filed a defence spelling TRUTH AND JUSTIFICATION and that the PLAINTIFF have neither reputation nor trust to lose and that UCKG is known in Europe as an ‘AUTHENTIC CRIME ORGANIZATION WHOSE ONLY GOAL IS TO ENRICH ITSELF.’ 


Surprisingly, Bishop Gilson Costa was quoted by Daily Monitor of May 24th 2007 claiming that it was actually God, not the UCKG or its leaders who had deceived Frances Adroa. 


Now is time for courts to determine the legality of religious merchandising, frauds and crimes taking place in spiritual entities in Uganda. The very pertinent question is: can a thief caught in action and compelled to hand back extorted property be defamed? Wait for more 


Moses Solomon Male 

Evangelist / Executive Director - ARCH 

Can prayers heal Aids?

Can Prayers heal AIDS? Weekly Observer

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